Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hey people.
First to all those studying inside and haven't been out all day: It's raining.
Second, I got very wet.
Third, I finished another two exams today.
Communications Overview, went ok i guess...with a multiple choice exam it's difficult to say how you went, right or wrong, no grey areas, so...but i should have gone ok.
Judaism was fun...Went in and said all I had to say, and the lecturer was actually interested in it, he even said "very interesting". He asked me one question that I knew the answer to and told me i can leave.
Miskina the person who had to go in after me was unlucky though, as by some wierd chance she had picked the same topic I did to speak about....ah well.
Well...got more wet on my way to the car and I'm home.
Exhausted and in no mood to study for tomorrow.
But at least I'm almost half way there...
its raining

*no video today*

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