Friday, September 22, 2006

First I'de like to say THANKS to Mark for the BBQ yesterday, it was trully great, prosit!
Then I'de like to say DO NOT GO WATCH 'NACHO LIBRE' , really don't.
And "I lost my phone."
It fell out of my pocket yesterday on the bus.....bugger...all my photos and messages...,gone...
ah birthday is on the 13th of January ok? :D
Well...not much else to say...oh...I most probably won't be blogging this weekend as I'm going to be in Gozo...I 'll wrie about it when I come back.... last thing...on Sunday Chris is playing at the Campus feast, let's go show him our support....I'm not sure I'm going to make it though....

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Bernie said...

Campus fest on sunday was amazing! Missed ya this weekend!!eh simon...since we mention bdays, l'bday tieghi hu 3 oct:)HEh see ya soon