Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sorry I'm late... but this is the blog entry for tuesday the 5th of September.
Well...we (Me, Joni, Stef, Bernice and my sister) went cycling... Dezz still wasn't allowed this morning. We met in Bugibba at 8.30 we went around the peninsula to Salina, then up the Naxxar main road, and went to see Dezz, then along the valley, took the main road down to Burmarrad, then onto the Mellieha by-pass, and onto Ghajn Tuffieha. We swam and ate there, then back to Bugibba via Xemxija. It was tiring, muscle straining, but it was amazing fun. Downhills are amazing, especially when the grip of your tires aren't excelent, and you're concentrating mostly on keeping the bike from skidding.....uphills are just hell...but Still a great day. (sorry Dezz: we missed you...)
We didn't do it in a really short we had to keep stopping waiting for SOMEONE to catch up...won't say names though...coberniceugh!!
Back home, showered ate, and off to Drama meeting...enjoyed...back home and now I'm exhausted, and my bottom is in pain, not used to the little hard bicycle seat.
Well I'm going to get some sleep...
"I have reached the end of cake!"...sorry, don't mind me...

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