Thursday, March 13, 2008

....nothing much really

yo ppl
been a while hasnt it?

well election time is over...
Yesterday I finally sent off my portfolio to Denmark, praying like anything. team tonight...

Oh, getting gd at Cluedo :) my 'method' keeps growing and growing...more complex and complex.

uff, ide like to write a nice deep blog on whats been on my mind lately but cant really find the words to use...or cant even get my thoughts straight....

let's try sum it up: Everyone is involved is something or other, everyone is busy, everyone has someone or something keeping him ocupied...and i dnt...thats basically the start and end of it.
I mean everyone has people to meet, people who enjoy doing what they enjoy doing and therefore have someone to do it with. brilliant to them of course, i just wish i had the same....I know i must sound like a real loser and all but scew that.
I found myself thinking...when (if) i go abroad in September, the only difference will be the country, and living with family.

yeah i now go do cool pictures on photoshop while toystory is on, while eating pizza.

hugs all round



^KaI^ said...

sim..wen u go abroad..alot is gonna be different..u no that...ur gonna be basically in school again..doing things and meeting ppl and doing stuff just like all of us..and wat u should be doing atm is just concentrating on getting better ay?..dw ur time will come ^^

luca said...

first of all well done with the pic m8.
that shows me that u have a talent and you are going abroad to use that talent to it's full potential.

u kno we all ur frnds here and we cant forget u wen u go abroad

im also sure that if u get the opportunity to go abroad (which i kno u will cos God is very faithful) u will meet ppl there that have the exact same interests like u. :D:D

and very well done for all the work you've done