Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter Post

Hey good people!

A good Easter on the whole!

woke up at a very respectable hour of 11, since had gone to mass for the vigil service (which is always a beautiful experiance). and dutifully and keeping tradition watched the banda and 'Irxoxt' pass by under our balcony.
Lunch with the family was very nice too, ate to much,
and then a bit of relaxedness at home.
In the evening went out with a nice group of people. The band couldnt make it as they are very busy atm...(Praying for you Brothers)

Well as some people where the hungry we went to fluid for a bit, then after a long wait for crepes it was obviously off to Fuego....

NOt much people but some of us still managed to get our groove on. I actually enjoyed dancing...impressive huh?
Well...eventually it was time to leave :( anyway...walked home with my sister...walked slowly and carried her half the way while talking and talking and be hionest I think it was the high light of my evening.
But something i want to say: Has anyone ever seen someone flag down a taxi? In malta? I did last night...its know in films...there are somethings which happen only in films....
Well last night, walking along Sliema front, just me and my sister, alone in the road and it's dark, sudenly the Ballutta Church start ringing..*dong dong dong* at the same time the wind picks up and a flag nearly or gate or something start swinging and squeking...proper horror film...but it was so filmesque, so fake, it lost was like like looking at a sunrise so filled with colour that it looks like an over enthusiastic amature artist painted it...u know....too fake...anyway....
Bit of things to do this morning...mostly drawing and designs...duh...but still...

Gbu all

Have a great week in the Lord


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Sarah said...

Wht that pic sim? i know i wanted to see it i wasnt meaning on the blog!!! i will have my revenge!!! :P

Anonymous said...

hehe TAXI *taxi brakes screeching* :0...u forgot to mention that some tourists tried it a while after and achieved no such resultst :) you dearest brother. xxxx