Saturday, March 22, 2008


I woke up thinking bout this this morning....

I was trying to really figure out how to live life continously in His presence, cause I've kind of drifted off a bit lately...:S

Anyway, and I think I finally got it...
I figured, I suppose with some help, that If I consiously keep in mind that everything I'm doing, I'm doing it for Him, literally, if i walk from my bedroom to the kitchen, it's for Him, and also keep in mind that I wouldn't be able to make even one step without Him and His magnificent planning (refaring to how the whole body works as one) Then it's easy to just thank HIm continuously and more difficult to sin, can you sin for follow...

it makes sense in my head....

anyway...Thanks to Dezz for her hospitality last night, and Happy Easter to all of you, as I doubt ill be online tomorrow



1 comment:

Dez said...

beautiful reasoning's how everyone on dis planet is meant 2b reasoning...cos we wer made FOR HIM!

God bless u,
keep it up,
& keep helping others see this too!