Sunday, March 02, 2008

not so good

I had a not so good weekend.
Friday Healing Service, was very nice, and was a small one, so we didnt get too tired, so thats ok.
Saturday went to the y4j mass, which they closed off the lenten talks with. Was a very nice. Then we went to John's house to talk....on a bloody Sat evening...yey...exactly what i wanted to be doing.
Finished too late to meet anyone.... one except Ang, Lara and Sarah wanted to do anything during the day...lazy ass people the rest of you. So we went to the mass meeting...was different, i actually heard a full politican speech...and we bounced like cray at the neck....*cough*
anyway, sunday evening, back inside...gah
watching 'National Treasure' enjoying it.
guys lets start going out Sunday during the day please


PS: A big thank you to Angie and Kai, two people who are always ready to listen, or read my text on msn, to me moaning and complaining.
And to Sarah G. I would have gone insane without her company.


Sarah said...

Lol its always fun staying up till 2.30 speaking about God knows what ... playing quatro lol
hehe was so much fun yesterday! Bouncing .. man !!! FLAGS!!! lool !!


Gbu dude

Simon said...

quarto.... :P