Saturday, March 01, 2008

re: comments: on music

Hey people, first thanks to all our concern filled comments.

A big thanks to Mark who showed me something I had not seen before. I'm talking about the thing of working for God through how i act at work and so on...very very very true. God bless you dude. We're missing you.
also, I dont feel pressurised, I really want to plat an instrument cause i love making music, or think ide love it, seeing as i dont actually make music now, but i love the capability of working with other people to create a sound which can portray a feeling, thought, or story. Its like a picture really, but a sound instead...

to whoever :) is, i know as a human being i cant make the time or money for an instrument, but my God can do anything, finding me a teacher, time and money is nothing.

ONE IMPORTANT THING: I have no confirmation of acceptance yet, I speak about going to school with such certainty cause i know He wants me there. But still, pray for me.
God bless u all


PS: This is so true:


Matt said...

Just read your last 3 blogs now... yeah well reg the music thing you def know how to keep a beat and i do see you playing either bass or drums so yeah. nice. :P

And yep, definately a trap, always a trap.


M said...

Hey dude :) I miss you guys too...let me know wen u guys are going to go out for a relaxed drink...ive been staying in these past weeks cos ive been sick and cos its always frikin cold. Anyways, if u ever need anyting let me know. God Bless you :)