Monday, March 17, 2008

the sunday

Yo people!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

But no one going out :( and i have web team meeting

well yesterday was fun....
we went to the Alive on Sunday mass at uni in the late morning which was very nice, got a lift home with Mig and had lunch.
late afternoon decided to go up to Naxxar for a nice walk along the cliffs there. (mike didnt come cause there was walking involved :P ) it was fun and relaxing in the beautiful weather we had yesterday.

Then to Dezz's house where her mother had prepared us a nice snack (vry sweet of her) and we enjoyed that while the conversations went from freaky to plaine disgusting. then while others did some work....the rest of us spent the time just lazing about on the sofa/carpet.
nice sunday on the whole
hope dezz is feeling better this morning...
um....havent heard anything from keep praying people


New favourite photo up
(to the right if ou havent figured it out)

and cause of this special day
here's some irish stand up comedy:


Dez said...

...ajma dez! ;)

Sarah said...


^KaI^ said...

hehe....ok bout d best is standing in d path way cos its not clear...i just recognise my bros head in d way xD

Simon said...

dezz and luke

Dez said...