Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hey people just finished a picture ive been working on all day,
started and finished on photoshop using the graphic tablet :)
tell me what u think:




Anonymous said...

wicked sim!!!!!! its awesome!!!!
i love it!!! ur kickin everyone's ass dude in photoshop!! well done keep it up!! pity u cant send dis too...

Honestly sim ur gettin betta and betta at dis talent of urs! :D

God bless u!
Dez =)

^KaI^ said...

hehe..wat dez said..but can u explain d pic cos i dont rlly understand wat it means...but i love her hair! so cool! lol xD n u r rlly improving!

^KaI^ said...
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Matt said...

Meh, the lighting's good, but i've seen better. I have a graphics tablet so i know how tricky they are to use, and with that in mind it's a pretty good effort. Still, i know you can do better ;P

Sarah said...

Wow sim im impressed ;) Well done! im praying for ya .. hope u get in ;) Gbu tc


Anonymous said...

another cool pic wat can i say ... but she does look kinda freakish... mayb its the fact that she has no lips n her hand seems oversized... it kinda seems like shes hiding something from us... thats y freakish.