Monday, March 16, 2009

Achie and I talk

This is what a conversation with Achie is like:

everyone is made up of parts of everyone else
but the more itsy bitsy bits and the more overlapping, the more unique you are
all about the combo
yeah...i guess...although the combination of these bits make up...a new sum...a new different person..
unlike any other...even though they could know the same people throughout their life
and if each person is a sum, the possibilities are endless
and yet...stand in a crowded hall...and look at each person...and you'll realize that each basically another you...same thoughts, same feelings.
not necessarily
sometimes i wonder if anyone thinks like i do, thinks like you do, thinks like anyone else does
well ok...not like me and you, cause we're weird, but the basic thoughts...the same


Rachie said...

XD I had a feeling that it would get here eventually :P

Matt said...

You soooo took those notions from the faces thing i gave you.


Krissie said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

dam deep

I like :P

MINA said...


Bettina said...

haha i hav to agree wit mina here...xD totally typical! but funny neway lol

Rachie said...

guys im getting offended here! Why don't you comment on my blog? it says the same thing XD