Sunday, March 08, 2009

a silver tear

Ignored, left alone,
once a month,
in the darkness of night,
with no one to comfort me,
i cry a single silver tear,
what is the point?
I have practically given up...
bullied by my peers
they are all more usefull,
all have purpose,
all get comfort
but not me
i have given up.
but then i think...
one day..
things will change.

to a very select few....this is know who you are....the rest...dont wry about not going emo


Vanessa said...

??Why once a month..I can only think of 2 things..period or werewolf. :S

Matt said...

Haha!! Brilliant!

There is hooooopee!!


Steve. D said...

HAHA well done dude :P