Saturday, March 21, 2009


With the Italy vs. France rugby match going on in the background, the knowledge of a lot of things that need to be done, and the smell of lunch cooking in the oven, i sit down to blog.
Well, I haven't got much to say...

first. Spring has officially started, which means, nice days outside, and therefore more picnics hopefully, exams are now really close, and everyone is that bit more horny.
second. Matt has finally picked up his blog again.
second point one. with Matt's really cool background, i might try look for one. dont be too hopeful though, as I don't like how all the set up of a blog gets lost once you choose a new background.
third. Filming of 4given discussions start tomorrow, prayers are asked for.
fourth. cough




Matt said...

ouy sah xirtam eht


Rachie said...

my components weren't messed up when i changed my background thing (:

there is hope!

Dan said...

cool sim...i like the blog background:)