Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekend begins

Well, I am very glad that the BiBlog Experiment was greeted with enthusiasm, and that most people liked it. I will most probably bug Matt to put up more once every so often. Thanks for all the comments.
Also, cheers to all the people who became followers of my blog :)

Right, first up...the y4j lenten talks are going fantastically, prosit to all the ones involved, Sam, Benji Tutzi and of course Fr. Ray.
The filming is really fun too...Enjoying working with Tine and Zoe a real stuff all round.

Yesterday I actually bought notes, and went to the library and checked out books for an assignment, and went to all my lectures...*shock* it kinda feels good once in a while I guess.
Really need to get down to working seriously now.

Yesterday Zoe and Achie came up to Uni to visit me and Matt again...more grass stains I'm afraid...but always fun. Achie wet me...*frown*

On a much sadder note...Krissie can't come down to Malta this Easter...some exam or something and they can't change the date for her...fair enough I missed one exam already this year, what will one more do? :P

I'm hungry
nothing much else going on....

Started my weekend a few hours ago.

The Matrix has you.



Rachie said...

I pretty sure most of the water was on me, so stop complaining :P

karla said...

ur weekend started awesomely...tghidlix xP

zoe said...

Well filming is tres grande :)
But tonights the last night :(
And also I had no grass stains xP