Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A need

I want to run. 
I want to get up put on some light clothes, running shoes and just run. 
With no destination, and nowhere to go, 
just run for the sake of running. 
And while running, shouting. 
At the top of my lungs.
Until I loose my voice.
Running and Shouting.
And tears.
Tears will almost definitely flow.
Until my eyes are dry and sore from the wind.
Running and crying.
Then just running.
Until I run out of breath.
I'll stop, feel sick from exhaustion.
And then run some more.
Force my legs to move.
To carry my wieght forward.
Out of pure rebellion at how I can be out of breath.
Running, against all the signs my body is giving me to stop.
Running, long after my legs go numb.
Running, with every breath I take burning my lungs.
Running, until dizziness forces me to stop.
And I'll stop.
I'll lean on my knees.
I'll breath deeply.
I'll smile.
But only after I'd have run.
Run as far as I could.
I'd have let everything out.
Only then will I smile.


MINA said...

this is awesome

nessa said...


Im truly becoming a freak though ive realised...first of all im sitting in the next room and yet im commenting and secondly : when you said 'screaming at the top of my lungs' the thought that passed my mind was 'I know what that can do to your vocal chords :S thats university brainwash for you :S

Amazing though, love the feeling bro xx

Sarah said...

wow... impressive... u are quite easily pleased XD .... "Fetch.... good boy!!" hehehe :)



Matt said...

And I'll be standing there with a thermos waiting for you to regain consciousness. Then we'll do lunch or something. XD

Krissie said...

Nice SIm..really nice. I know what you mean. The feeling is truly amazing. I miss the running. I especially miss the shouting.

Ally said...

Beautiful si, I really like it :)

Martine said...

And the poet in you is born! :)
Love it!!!!
p.s.. when are we going running?

karla said...

u made me feel like running...

maria angela said...

wow awesome poem!!!
i wish i could run and feel so relieved after.. ekk dat feeling of relief uve which uve described rly well!!
kp it up :)