Thursday, May 07, 2009

Awesome Life

Matt said something last Sunday.
He turned to me and said "you know, our lives are awesome."

and it is.
I sat and thought, hard, during a lecture, that although we (and by 'we' I mean me and practically everyone I know, at least those of my age) may go through some down times, with stress levels rising, and obligations and worries growing, and responsibilities thrown upon us, there are ups with having a great time somewhere and, I don't know, buying a long waited for instrument, game or gadget. But these are the exceptional times, in general, you know, normally, our life is awesome.
I mean we go to the various learning establishments, meet very good friends practically everywhere we go, we somehow always find time to do the things we enjoy doing (with exams coming up,achie is reading, Matt bought a few new books and plays guitar, I still draw)and that's the thing really, there are things we enjoy doing, we're young and have hobbies and hopes and dreams and what makes it even more awesome, is that in our today, more than a few years ago, our generation, we can reach these dreams easily. 
I was walking from one lecture to another one today and I thought to myself...I'm a communication student at from here, my career choices are: design (including advertising, graphic design, product design, illustrations...), film production (directing, editing photography...), music (ie sound production, editing...) I
I always looked at all these as dream jobs, something I'de like to do but most probably will end up doing not those...
and even Matt, who's in third year Medicine is realising, he still can choose what we wants to do...we are still free.
Life is awesome, and I think the trick to living a completely awesome life, until the very last day is keeping this mode of thinking going....always realise that your life, on the whole is brilliant.

and one actually says "re"


MINA said...

this looks long so i'll read it later

Lozie said...

Re your blog (there you see I said re too!)

Life=awesome and uber cool. Glad you're feeling it hun!

Matt said...

I say it OKAY!! XD

And I really didn't give it THIS much thought when I put forward that statement, but I agree, so thanks for doing the thought process for me so I don't have to. Hoolahoop.

Nessa said...

Now youre feeling it xD

Krissie said...

Sun shines, birds sing, God loves :) life is good.
And Simon, I say re.

Rachie said...

Um, did you just call an increasingly large group of people no-one? :P

other than that, i agree XD

MINA said...

I say re!