Monday, May 18, 2009

singing Lanfi

I swear waking up and watching 2 videos of 'Lanfi studying' has got to be one of the best ways to start the day...I couldn't breathe....check it out. He should so start a nerd vlog
Anyway, gonna try my best to get a lot of work done today...prayers are appreciated.
And I'm still not sure if I'm going down to uni to study or not...I seem to find distractions anywhere I go, I have a curse.
ohhh, yes, woke up this morning (4am) with an idea in my head, It sounded great at that point in time, it kinda still does now...Matt, I gotta speak to you.
Oh shit, I just realised I have to go to uni to buy some notes :S I know about time, but still.

Anyone notice how people are blogging more often. It's funny, everytime exams get close, people seem to go blog crazy, new blogs popping up all over the place, updates practically everyday...I mean I'm not complaining, it's fun, I'm not alone any more :) Hopefully they'll all continue them throughout the summer, as that's when most blogs are left alone and eventually forgotten. So when we're all busy our brain wants to do other useless things as well, and when we're free, it doesn't...f*cked up....

Ah summer...CAN'T WAIT

I know this blog post has nothing really particularly special about it, but *shrug* when has that ever stopped me.


Lozie said...

Don't worry hun, tis very special XD

Praying profusely, fear not x

Matt said...

when indeed :)

^KaI^ said...

but but blog excells in summer ^^ always has and always will =D summer blog ^^

MINA2 said...

hello neighbour
my blog is quite constant too you know... XD

Rachie said...

I loose all spare time in the summer. My blog dies a bit.