Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lemmings Theory

It's one of those evenings. Where after a full morning out filming in the sun, a shower and a nice lunch (HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!) and a two hour nap, you don't feel like doing any work.
I just want to meet some friends in a relaxed environment and hangout.
*so if anyone is up for it and it's still Sunday evening give me a call*
but I know most of my friends are studying and stuff.

So I decided to explain to the blogging world, Matt's and my lemming theory. I don't think I had explained it and I had meant to.
Some of you know this already.
I'm going to take Matt as an example.

Picture this: a large room of brilliant white. There is no visible light source and yet there are no shadows. There is one strong looking door and two massive windows, looking out at the world, opposite the door. From the ceiling hangs a cable, and attached to the end, a microphone.
And in the room. Covering the floor, are a hundred little Matthews.
This is Matt's head.
The little Matthews, we will call lemmings. They form the thought process, but mainly, collectively they form the emotions.
Like lets say Matt is doing something wrong ;) well, he'll have maybe 10 or 20 of the lemmings saying...mumbling..."this is wrong you know..." while the rest of them would be saying "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" and pushing to try and get a good view at the windows, which if you haven't realised by now, are the eyes)
Now, most of you know that sometimes Matt says things which he'd immediately regret, or think to himself "what?!" that is when one of the lemmings would have got hold of the mic, said something and then got hit upside the head by one of the rare more serious lemmings. Now as one can imagine, the average lemming is very random, as it takes the full one hundred to formulate a thought or opinion, so what is said is obviously rarely coherent.

I think that pretty much explains it all, or most of it, I left out some other little details which we had discussed but the general picture is there.

On a side note: I did in fact go out half way through this blog :) Me and Laura convinced Matt he's not gonna study anyway. I just got home from Laura's flat, where Matt and me spent a nice relaxed evening with her. We watched the Matrix Revolution (chosen from the most interesting DVD collection I've ever seen) and now will never watch the final fight seen without a smile on our face...
I mean...just picture all the Smiths singing in unison...and after the film finished, I'm sure, no where, no when did anyone have that reaction to the end of the Smiths choir

Also...I want to start playing music with other people.

Matt also told me, and I quote, "I need your body this week."
Don't get ahead of me people...he needs to examine me for Medicine practice.

night night


Lozie said...

Hehehe, Smiths Choir. Genius!

Thank you for coming along with Matt tonight- twas lovely! - and glad you are appreciating my select DVD collection. You will be introduced to the world of The Fifth Element if it's the last thing Matt and I ever do!

And "I need your body this week" is quite simply the best chat-up line I've ever heard! :D

Krissie said...

I'm glad you didn't elaborate on the "other little details". I was nearly scarred for life.

You have made me want to watch Matrix now. And I was seriously considering studying. I hope you're happy.

And I second the "best chat-up line ever" suggestion :)

Dan said...

your blogs are getting really intellectual you know. then again....maybe not (re catch up line)....ha ha ha :P

i do like your lemmings theory though....tres interesting :)

Rachie said...

Define white :P

I've progressed to grey bear cubs btw... when they're still cuddly and not aggressive insomma.

Steve Diacono said...

well.... that theory sure as hell beats studying all the complex electrical impulses sent off by the brain lol.

and bdw Matt is just making excuses to check u out XD

( sorry matt lol im in a mood )

Sim Paton the idea :P

Steve Diacono said...

patent *

( thank you achie :P )

Chrissy said...

Hehe zoe mentioned that you guys were really random. Now I see why XD

Lemmings theory = interestingggg =P

Shpow said...

Wait wait wait.

Nice blog and everything; but you acknowledged the Matrix sequels.

Only the Animatrix and the "Enter the Matrix" films exist. "Reloaded" and "Revolutions" are the products of the occult.

Simon said...

well master shpow,
welcome to my blog I guess...
occult created or not, they produced for us laughter and enjoyment, so for us, they exist.
I can see future discussions with you and looking forward to them

Shpow said...

I'm glad. But my normal approach doesn't apply here.

Oh, call me McManus btw.