Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloody Mosquitos

Hey people,
just a quick blog, cause I should be studying.
I am at the moment sitting on bean bags, resting against the door of the university Chapel, surrounded by 6 other studying students, at ten past one in the morning.
We are gonna be here till 2 am and then the plan is to go to Mc Cafe in Luqa...why? I don't know, and go back home, for a few hours sleep and a shower. 
Tomorrow morning Matt is passing for me at 8.15 ish to come back here and continue studying.
Those of you who know me find this very studious behavious wierd and almost frightening. Lol, drew is most probably expecting the world to end any day now. I can tell you it's got my mum and sister freaked out. Guys don't worry, I just think I've found where I can study best, in company of other people trying to study and not at home, where i manage to find any excuse not to.
Mina (hi Min) and I decided that the Chaplaincy logo needs an addition, and should be "All day, Everyday, 'cause we're hard core" lol, and it's true, I've spent more ime here in the past three days than i did in my own kitchen.

Sorries go out to my family, who are missing me, and krissie and Mig who are expecting emails from me...I'll get down to them eventually. During my short breaks I'm usually in need to waste a bit of energy, so thanks to Pierre, I have discovered Diabolo...I'm getting better :)

thats it for now...
back to studying...



Lanfy said...

nerdd :P

Shpow said...

OH God the Mosquitoes.

The best makeshift solution I've found was a match and a lighter. It's hard for mosquitoes to suck your blood once they fly into a ROARING RUSH OF ROBUST FLAMES FROM AXE(tm) BODY DEODOURANT

^KaI^ said...

mosquitos dont bug u wen a/cs are on sim =P
Diabolo <3
im happy you've finally found ur means of studying..but oj! im expecting A's now XP

Drew said...

Repent Repent Heathen the world is lost fire will consume us ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Rachie said...

I'm oh so very amused (:

Krissie said...

Hmmm I must go in search of a Veronese Room 101...where ppl won't take photos of me on skype and put them on facebook...

Simon said...

didn't have deodorant
Kai: I will try my best and :P
Drew and Achie: lol
Krissie: *evil smile* we id warn you

Matt said...


MINA said...

Hi sim!
this basically summed it all up.