Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birds tweeting

this morning was horrible, i woke up in no mood to sit down and study. I wanted to relax, sit by the sea or a pool, swim, be with friends, that kind of thing. The hot and sticky climate we have at home wasnt helping.
A scenario i can imagine being replicated in homes all over the island.
I got up, showered, and stepped out of the house. I am now at Chaplaincy, just out side the chapel door. and I promise you all, sitting in the shade, with a  bit of a breeze, looking at the glorious day, other people around also studying, really helped...finished another chapter since i got here....
so, those finding it difficult, get outside, keep in the shade, the sun is too hot, and try study seeing God's awesome nature around you.

c'est tout.


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