Thursday, May 14, 2009

*grins and turns the radio up*

I just want to say how much I'm enjoying life at the moment, everything is just great. Ok I have studies and work and stuff, but they come they go, no biggy. 
On the whole I'm happy. There are a few instances when I'm irritated or down, but they're never over anything serious, it's just little things which annoy me, that I choose to not overlook.
I mean, yesterday Matt and I ended up walking around campus in shorts tshirt and flipflops enjoying the relaxedness, when Chris was there we were singing to either Beetles or 'Lemon Tree'.
Being Visit Wednesday, we were visited (hmm) by some people from JC...more relaxedness...
And in the evening we had the youthful worship meeting, Matt took me home, and I stayed up finishing my assignment for tomorrow.
A simple day, and yet I look back on it as a fantastic one.

I also, thanks to Yanica, *waves* got into a real mood for writting. Was going through some old stuff and really got the urge to continue some of them. Maybe after exams.
Another urge to get better at bass quickly to start jamming with Matt.

This summer is goign to be busy comign to think of it. Teaching English, painting room 101, music, writting, photoshop lessons, and any drawing commition that comes my way.
I like it.

*waves to Achie*
*waves to Kai*
*waves to Zoe*
*waves to Paws*
*waves to Luca*
*waves to G*
*waves to Lara*

Also, my bookshelves are running out of room, which makes me happy. It feels good seeing them all placed neatly in order. :)

back to studying.
last three weeks or so....
then summer.
can't wait to go swimming again.

oh oh oh one last thing...
Vanessa, I love you and you're the best :)



Lozie said...

Awww hun, glad you're happy, tis nice to hear the smileyness!

But dude, where's my wave? Hmph.

Where and when are you doing the photoshop lessons? Am always up for learning more there.

No wave for you. XD

Rachie said...

I gots a waaaave *dances* XD

Um.. does this mean you'll continue Summer? =D

Simon said...

sry loz, but hasvent seen u in a while, i wave if i dont see u...

Matt said...

"got into a real mood for writting"

*slaps forehead*

I'll proofread if you want XP

MINA said...


Krissie said...

Harrumph. No wave AND no pinky swear.
I leave and slam the door behind me.
AND it just started raining. Brilliance.

Simon said...

krissie you get a personalized email every other day...(2hrs left of dead line)
fine ill promise you free good? :P

Krissie said...

A2 is fine :) and yes I am spoilt.