Sunday, May 24, 2009

sat and sunday of maggi

Last night i actually got myself out away from my books,
Y4J and then a chilaxin time at Surfside,
guitars, bongos, beer and stuff,
we actually gathered a crowd at street level looking down at us, and a bunch of french students coming down and gathering round Matt, that good looking rugged musician man.
and today
Blessings to Maggi and Angelique.
i go get ready


Lanfy said...

im more rugged than matt. so nahseb ir rugged musician andu competition

Zoe said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I envy all of you at the wedding while I do is sit infrnt of this computer..

karla said...

it was fun...worth the envy Zoe =P

Drew said...

im rugged too damn it i shave every full moon

Sarah said...

Had a blast ...

Anonymous said...

lol @ sarah!

chiara said...

see ! not only am i READING your blog, but i'm also commenting :P aren't i just wonderful ?

haha and yup, wedding rocked (:

Lozie said...

Hey, can I be rugged as well? Does that work for girls? Hmmm, maybe I'll need to consider stubble to pull that one off. No, I think I'll just stick with "messed up".

Twas a lovely uber fun day - can more people get married please so we can do it again soon? :) (No pressure)