Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dental floss and bottle caps

Hello, good morning, and welcome!
I'm in a good mood this morning, and why not?
Yes, ok, besides, that.
"Lack of Flusies"
Yeah alright.
"The pain in your back."
Rarely complain about it.
you said that already
"it deserves another mention"
Anyway, besides, and throughout all that, Life is still awesome.
Yesterday is a perfect example.
Filming in the morning. It wasn't filming of a discussion, but of plays of some sort, fun stuff, ESPECIALLY when, at a point we're filming in the road, and Jonathan and myself had to stand in the middle of the road to get the actress walkin on the pavement, and a car stops behind Joni, and at the last second, hoots the horn. I swear I never heard Jonathan shout with so much passion at this poor little old woman.
*waves at Loz*


In the evening, went to Y4J which was different to the normal style, as all it was was Sam on guitar, and Pete on percussion, lol Percussion Pete...sorry...
But like Sam said, the point was to have the worship and Praise focused on Jesus not on the music. I'll admit, sometimes a catch myself listening to how good the drummer is, or what a funky bass line Ivan is playing and so not being distracted by all that, gave everyone in the whole room a chance to be more focused, to trully praise seeking His face.
It was nice, I missed the whole crazy, jumpy, I don't care if people think I'm a freak, at the end, which you can't achieve with a drum set, but it was a very VERY VERY nice experience.

it finished.
got in the car.
car door closing.
we're at Lara's.

We were the first, it was quiet and relaxed, then 40 other people arrived, I have no idea how we fit, but it was great fun, with someone freaking out and on the verge of tears, others taking the piss, not giving a hoot. And Chiara my dear, the neck thing, the wink, the throw of the shaul, fantastic show...pity it was the eurovision, where the song means nothing at all.
And then we had to order Pizza Hut...
Ivan, u kill me, "Laham taz-ziemel ghandu? jew Pony? Gibli Fenek mela!"
(for Lozie's sake: "does he have horse meat? Or Pony? Then get me Rabbit!")
thinking back on it, I wouldn't blame Pizza hut for taking it as a prank call, cause, most of you know, the food arrived over an hour and a half later, after a very amusing call from Lanfi, "I'm a share holder you know!" lol and after all that, Matt still paid the man the full price...gah.
Isomma, also had an interesting conversation with Paula Azzopardi, who's name I learnt last night lol, and then left the Giudice residence at around 1.30 ish.
Soon alive on Sunday, then home to study I guess....
still it's a glorious day, I'm in a wonderful mood, the sun is shining, and I have great friends, I have wonderful talents and MY GOD LOVES ME for me.

with that...
I'm off...

dude..that's a long blog...
congrats to you if you read it all.


Rachie said...

I was asleep at 1.30 XD amusing night, i agree ^^

Matti said...

Meh, that's short for a blog!

We had a bit of a pizza ordeal at Brooks' as well lol... Glenn couldn't seem to get his tongue around what Brooks' address was and neither could JFS... so Brooks then related it. And then when it came to ordering pizza, Glenn asked for a margherita (sp?) with not green peppers, but CHICKEN PEPPERS. CHICKEN PEPPERS. Like, what?!?

But ours came within 1/2 hour, at least. :)

Yanica S =] said...

haha not all that long Sim dont worry XD

So tell me, who was that someone freaking out and on the verge of tears? LOOL ajmaaa maa how silly!! It's not my fault ta XD I love my country ey :P

It was mega fun XD but I wish we won like :P haha

Take care silly man =]

Lanfy said...

haha im dying! i just realised how i unintentionally crack myself up! lolll

MINA said...

i was about to say the same thing as matt...

poor pizza hut

Matt said...

That blog made my chest feel as fuzzy on the inside as it is on the outside XD

Krissie said...

Glad you're happy :)

Lozie said...

Scary strange happy pizza boy. Nice!

Thank you for the wave, the subtitles and generally watching my back yesterday dude - much appreciated!

Yes I read it all. Yes I'm still bummed out I missed the full glory of the Jon eruption. Yes I too found Y4J sesh intriguingly different last night to those I had gone to before. Lots of agreement in general actually.

Ok - Hugs! (so long as you promise not to bite me again, cos, dude, you know that still hurts? XD

^KaI^ said...

Amen ^^

BrioII said...

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