Monday, June 01, 2009

The ace has wings

dear all,
i apppologize for my lack of blogging this past week, but as you all know, exam time. I know I am, most probably the most relaxed student on campus, but this year i actually did study a lot. I'm spending all my day, everyday at chaplaincy. We imagined getting caught there in a storm, and what fun it would be, but in all honesty, we're always there anyway.
Pierre managed to get us hooked on something new again. The game of warewolf. A game of friendship, lies, suspicion, and love, and of course achies thirst for blood and Luca's skill at dying in the first two or three nights...always....even when he is not killed directly by anyone....

KAI...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...actually went up to see her today, with the tripyest card anyone's ever recieved

sorries as well go to all those people (two) i should be emailing right now...ill try and get down to it either wednesday or thurdsay...most probably thursday....two busy days coming up.


my mac arrives in two days...excited :)
which is good as my laptop is doesnt charge unless its switched off :S 

oh yes
exams till now have been good, i think:

Introduction to Islam: I should have done well
theology of salvation was exactly what i expected and wrote all i knew.
English: I wrote a full 10 pages in 3hrs, and i'm rather pleased
Methods of Inquiry: practically learnt how to work out statistics as I was doing the exam.
psychology today...multiple choice, so i have no idea....left 105 minutes early though.

Krissie arrives on Friday.....:) woot!

and finally, if anyone wants to pop by and see me tomorrow between 9am and 5 pm, i'm gonna be standing infront of the law courts being one of those people i try and usually avoid.

gbu all


Krissie said...

I forgive your lack of email...cos I'm going to see you in 4 days! Yays ^^
Well done for you exams and recent productivity in the studying area. I am proud.
I rub my hands together with glee in anticipation of werewolf :D

Lanfy said...

why u going to be in front of courts sim? illa i was hopin on u comin to room 101 and studying prayer

zoe said...

I love you <3

yanica =] said...

infront of the law courts? tghidlix this has something to do with the election then u stay telling me ta!! :O

MINA said...

i read the title and knew it might be about werewolf.. but I haven't read it :P

karla said...

im guessing it has something to do with some sort of promotion or like a questionarre...but anyhu..ium sick so i cant come visit...and...awesome-est card ever <3

Rachie said...

Daniela filmed the finale of the last game. It was epic. Malcolm estelle and I, malcolm up to his usual tricks and estelle and I confused as ever XD
ttys (:

Dan said...

must agree with achie....was indeed in epic moment...ill try to upload it on fb or something for all to see....thank god for werewolf...and for pierre getting us all addicted :)

Matt said...

I was the first one to die :(

ba ba ba ba baaaaa i have nothing to say XD