Wednesday, June 17, 2009

shurgs and smiles

summer is brilliant.
I mean with all the business and stuff to do, and the beach and the oh so gorgeous tan, and the getting to know more people, and eve, and reading, and bass how can it not be?
and today i got a call...Fr. Mike gave me another project...woots...I'm asking Matt's help on this one for sure....:)
soon room 101 will begin...the drawing and the blog and looking forward to both of them...
I think I've decided to be myself by the way, I know what i do is in purity with no alternate motives so anyone who thinks other wise can... (Matt skip the next line)
...fuck off.
Like a good friend of mine said...they obviously don't know me well enough...
in other news...was about to install final cut pro onto eve and it told me that it should be installed only on a power i take this warning seriously or not?
erm...shout out to Mike, who got me home twice already this summer :) lol and miskin he was really tired yesterday. Appreciate it dude.

i now be off...
enjoy your holidays people!


Steve Diacono said...


Krissie said...


I really shouldn't comment on people's blogs when I'm in this mood.

Glad you're enjoying your summer.

Rachie said...


Yanica said...

That's what I thought too =] they just dnt know u well enough XD
take care!! gws :)

Marquita said...

I think the correct expression to use is "ulterior motives" rather than "alternate motives".

Well done for deciding to be yourself. :)

Sarah said...

Oh crap .. only on powermac!!! what we gonna do now ???? loool qas haq we spent i dunno how long discussing that issue!!