Sunday, June 07, 2009

A frowning Pigeon, and a hyper one

hey people...
so i can understand the boat party thing...and I'm fine about it...this does not garantee fine-ness to continue while I'm viewing the facebook photos after the event...but until then, shrug.
y4j, followed by a drive to st. was like a tour, we where a massive group near the 'love' monument. the decision was made to go to pizza hut ( blah!)
on arriving i sat down on a wall, and Martine (hey tine) joined me.
there was no room, so most people left for mc donalds, 8 ppl stayed at pizza hut, and me and tine stayed put in the middle...
I won a bet :) and was owned a beer,
and we went to get pizza from the guy infront of baystreet (quoting Mike: the ones that give you stomach cancer)
on the way in met ang and sarah who where going to meet emily, who said they'd tell us where they'll be.
pizza was bought and consumed, and since i was still owned a beer, made our way to keg...didnt go in...moved on to Black bull, where drinks where bought and a bit of chatting occurred.
following that, the idea was to go karaoke - ing, but the place was packed, so after a brief stop walked off to meet the others.
it was fun, not cause of anything we did, but cause i did what i want without following the from now on...if i just bugger off on a saturday night out....its not cause i'm being a loner, it's cause i dont wanna do what the others are doing...anyone is welcome to join.


sorry this blog was supposed to be up last night, but the internet at home died.


Matt said...

fair enough :)

Martine said...


Sarah said...

was a fun random night out .. heh .. needed it !! :) thanks guys