Saturday, June 20, 2009

The real 300

I'm gonna talk about last night, but before that....
if you're on a laptop, put in headphones, you must hear the bass.

300 blogs!
I am happy to have got this far in this blog and kept it going.
lately the experience has improved as their are more bloggers so more to read and more comments.
i remember when i started this blog back in 2006 when Saz went to Canada....seems really long ago...
here's to the next 100 blogs
*raises pint*

last night was epically fun and random...
writing down would not do it justice, as it's one of those moments of "you had to be there"
but basically
  • fun relaxed party (thanks Michelle :) hug) including:
  1. Sam ruling the dance floor
  2. Elaine sitting on gum
  3. lots of hat exchange
  4. Żiemel
  5. ring theft
  6. piano cake
  • beer at Time Square
  • weird shot invented by the barman
  • singing along
  • planning mischief
  • Lanf crying
  • Matt dying
  • I love Schinas
  • TP
  • piss stop (jerrie car TP risk)
  • swimming
  • toe incident (hope you ok Mike, you worried me.
basically i got to Gzira at 5 am as the sky was brightening again, slept three hours and its on the bus again to Bugibba.
fun stuff....tonight I'm most probably going to die early though

and i can't wait to get this sling off

out for now....
comment comment comment


nessa said...

comment :)

Matti said...

That video is sooooo well done! :) Prosit Sim hehe

Matti said...

P.S. I was tempted to post that 300 times :p

Steve Diacono said...

every time I see the 300 written under that mug, I can't help but just smile =D

well done for getting so far dude.
keep it up

Lanfy said...

the video is brilliant sim! well done! illa yesterday was great!

Krissie said...

Woot! :)

MINA said...

loved the video... and my nerdy contribution towards it...

Sarah said...

love it ... hehehe .. had fun last night pity i had to go home :S!!! still have the pic of lanf crying in my head !!! hehehe

Sarah said...

loool.. so much to a nice beer on the beach loool!!!

Matt said...

The vid, nice.

The night, epic.

Lara said...

i love the mug bit sim, cool vid :) hope ur sling comes off soon too xxx

Drea said...

how goood sim! loved the video! *how sweet this is the first blog of yours that i read :) and how funny i read it at 3.00 am xD haha *coincidence much?*

Rachie said...

yay for three hundred, boo for work :(