Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not 300!

oh the shame:
after having a look in my blog archive i realized that a number of started blogs which i didnt publish got counted by blogger...
in my opinion these don't really count, so....i deleted them from the list...bringing my blog count to 296....this one being the 297th
so im afraid we'll have to wait until the 300 celebration...a good thing in a way, as i've been wanting to blog and couldn't as what i have been preparing for my 300th blog still isn't ready.

sorry for the false alarm...

just got back from st julians..were after much analyzing from certain people...i am not slightly upset that people are judging me as :
  1. gay (from my actions with matt)
  2. touchy, or needy (because of my like of cuddles and hug)
Now most of you who know me well, know that i usually can't give a monkeys right testicle what people thing about my actions, i do what i feel, i want to go alone for a walk, i leave, i want to hug someone, i do...as long as i know whatever i'm doing is innocent... why not? right?
i dunno
today something made me feel conscious about what was said. I don't like being see as needy, or as moody...so i think i'm going to revert back to being my old self...and keep everything inside...i think i'm goign to stop hugging ...

your loss after all :P



Bettina said...

ooooh!!! *at a number of things*
1. that its not ur 300th yet! :(
2. at the comments said tonight bothering u (even tho i was mostly asleep wen dey wer all said)
3. *ok this isnt an ooh but an aaaah*...i wrote 29 blogs!! so im reaching my 30th whilst ur reaching ur 300th hah!

Marquita said...

My 2c...
1. I do not see you as needy
2. I do not see you as moody
3. And I DEFINATELY don't see you as gay

Honest! (Honesty rarely gets better than this. Ask Matt for more details)

Now, how you want to change your behaviour is completely up to you... But I just wanted to tell you that you don't really have to seriously. Then again... f' idejk Simon. :)

Krissie said...

But...but...hugs! As a fellow hugger I don't see how you can part with them so easily.

DUDE. That false alarm killed. I nearly fell off my bed with excitement when I read "Blog up" on twitter!

karla said...

d elecricity cut killed me..i was about to check ur blog >< and died all day to find out that it wasnt ur 300th :( uffies!

as long as i dont count im fine =P but i must say...it is much healthier for u spiritually and emotionally to do wat ur doing...and like u sed uve never cared..y start now? LIFE IS SHORT thats wat ive learnt....the last thing we need is to keep things in


Chris said...

Hug more, care less.

Rachie said...

u le ta. Elaine and I are just as bad, it's just that we're girls so it's ok :P (honestly, it probably isn't but w/e XD)

I wouldn't give a monkey's crayons if I were you (:

re: needy. Everyone gets needy :P

Steve Diacono said...

But dude your hugs give my back a much needed crack every now and again XD.

I felt a little excitement when i opened ur blog and saw 300 but then i read it and well u guess the rest :P

Sim you know what... you are right, But why should you care what other people think.... I agree with what Kai said.

Just be yourself dude and dont bother with the rest

SIMON IS NOT GAY OR BI PPL its just that he is so comfy with it that he can act that way without it being strange =)

tc dude n Gb

Matt said...

biscuits it's early... and yeah, what they said :P

Yanica said...

JA GAY!!!! haha who d hell said Simon's gay?? Gay sabihhh!! Insomma, destiny always throws me back at the gays. I'm like Grace of Will& Grace..bla dubju. I'm not complaining.

About your hugs, ajma you're expecting us to protest ey? then, nooo oejaaa ur hugss!!

Sarah said...

Sim ... dont change one bit!! We love you the way youe are!!!! You're hugs is the one thing i look too when im in a bleh mood!! Man cmon!!!! be ureself if ppl dont like it then they will have to adapt to it not you .. sorry guys..!!!