Sunday, June 28, 2009

lighting a match

things annoy you but they're little things, so you don't make a fuss and keep them inside.
things, big or small, worry you, but they're personal, and no one you tell can help you anyway, so keep them inside.
an argument with a close friend, well it was my fault, keep it inside.
something disappoints you, but you feel stupid opening up about it to anyone, there is most probably nothing to talk about anyway, so keep it inside.
something makes you angry, I'm most probably over reacting anyway.
a group argument, separation, not my fault, why should i let it effect me, but it does.
and all these things keep building and binding, forming a mass of emotions, like a ball in your system waiting for the fuse to be lit,
and finally, someone acts a little stupid or annoying, and the match is lit, and the feeling inside makes you want to punch faces in.
but i've learnt to keep most of it in, so a brief outburst and I walk away, alone, where i calmly push it back down, this explosive mass, back down where it can't hurt anyone.
i suppress it,
until one day,
I won't.


maria angela said...

really like this post! sometimes when i cant really say what's annoying me, i write it on my journal or anywhere.. and it does help! :) so maybe releasing something as soon as it sticks to you will be helpful, not to let it clump up :)

Krissie said...

That's me blowing out the match.
Talk. You'd be surprised by who listens :)

Matt said...

Ye see yer problem right there is bein' the accumulation of all yer mishaps goins on around ye. Nasty stuff it be, sticks to yer boots like auntie Maple's blacky tar it do. I recommend ye give 'er a regular cleanin out, deep to 'e elbows. Be hard to clean it out once it sticks ye know? Trus' me, I'm a professional. Says so 'ere on me badge... 'prof-es-i-ion-nal..' XD

karla said...

Matt is officially mater how stupid it is...u can always come talk to me..i might not be d best advice giver but im a darn good listener..yes i am!

Rachie said...

And now I know how close I was, sorry =/