Monday, June 08, 2009

frowning smile

On a branch at the very top of the tree, isolated from the everyday busy-ness found practically everywhere else, sat a bird. His feathers ruffled, he sat sulking. He wanted to peck at everyone for a full hour, but didn't want to make any enemies, so he turned it to sadness and flew up to this isolated part of the tree to be alone and look, stare out at nothing.
and just when he was about to fly off and hit something in full flight, another bird landed next to him.
this one was female.
"a pretty female" he thought to himself, "might be worth staying a while"
she leaned forward to get a better look at his face, he just kept on staring straight.
then, she gently placed a wing around him and softly asked him what's wrong.
he said he doesn't know.
then why let it effect you?
it's just there, it's a mood.
and so on and so forth until, without him realizing, he was chirping happily to her, and her to him with a bright smile on his face, and as the sun went down, and it was time to head on back to their respective nests, they hugged and both leapt off into the air.
and as he glided down, wind flowing around him and through his feathers, he thought " i have to write a blog to thank her tomorrow."


thanks for your ability to make me smile yesterday.


up in buggibba and got my first sun burn today...summer is now here


Lozie said...

Nawww, this is nice :)

Fly my prettys, Fly!!!

MINA said...

if this was on facebook I would click 'like'